Preventive Maintenance

PM Task List

Preventive Maintenance Task Lists

This cmms software provides a work order system that may be used for preventive maintenance as well as a separate preventive maintenance (PM) screen for repetitive calendar-based preventive maintenance task lists. With the preventive maintenance screen create preventive maintenance lists once then simply close them when completed. MaintSmart archives the completions then recycles the PMs for the next instance automatically. There are multiple PM task list formats to choose.

Print or email them manually from complete or filtered lists. Alternatively create a preventive maintenance print schedule and have the filtered PM task list printed or emailed based upon your defined schedule. Example: Print Bob's preventive maintenance task list for all PMs due during the next week every Monday at 8:00 AM so that when Bob comes in his work for the week is waiting for him. Parts lists may be linked to PM tasks lists and parts used automatically when PM is closed, or not.

Automatic Preventive Maintenance List

Alternatively preventive maintenance may be performed using the work order screen. With the use of work order templates you may create a "boiler-plate" of the required preventive maintenance tasks then initiate a new PM work order by date/time, weekday/time, interval/time or by use of meters. Meters are units of anything you need them to be. Examples might be: "Miles", "Cycles", "Cuts" or anything you you require for your preventive maintenance program.

Preventive Maintenance Reporting and Analysis

Report on preventive maintenance completion rate by Technician, Line, Process, Department, Equipment Item and more. There are several other reports and analysis scenarios to choose from. Best of all you may create any data set you need by using the OLAP tool with drag and drop.