Work Order

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Work Orders

This cmms software provides a work order system that may be used for any work as well as a separate preventive maintenance (PM) screen for repetitive calendar-based task lists. The main work order screen provides flexible work order creation with options such as unlimited file attachments, unlimited text details, duplication or work orders, automatic work orders triggered by work schedules or meters.

There are several different work order formats. These range from very simple to extensive details, attachments and parts lists. MaintSmart CMMS software also provides work order templates. These are copies of existing work orders that may be used to create new work orders. CMMS users may be set to only create work requests instead of full work orders. This feature makes the CMMS available to everyone at some level.

Automatic Work Order List

With the use of work order templates you may create a "boiler-plate" of the required work order tasks then initiate a new PM work order by date/time, weekday/time, interval/time or by use of meters. Meters are units of anything you need them to be. Examples might be: "Miles", "Cycles", "Cuts" or anything you require for your work order program. This CMMS software automatically emails and/or prints work orders based upon equipment demand if needed. Link a metered work order template to an OPC compliant data source such as RSLinx or Wonderware and this CMMS system read then creates the needed work.

Work Order Reporting and Analysis

Report on Work Order completion rate by Technician, Line, Process, Department, Equipment Item and more. There are several other reports and analysis scenarios to choose from. Best of all you may create any data set you need by using the OLAP tool with dragging and drop